Never judge a book by its cover

book cover

Do you follow anyone online, who has brilliant free stuff and you love it? They’re so generous, and brilliant and awesome. Do you ever feel that you could help them with your expertise?

As a weight loss coach, there’s someone out there who is always complaining about her weight, though she says it doesn’t hold her back. It’s funny because although I’ve got my weight totally sorted, and I’m never EVER going to let myself get fat again, there are other areas of my life I need to work on. Do you have other areas of your life that you feel you could help others with, yet your weight is a sticking point? Notice how that makes you feel. Do you feel empowered?

No one has everything perfectly sorted in their lives. There’s a saying ‘there’s always someone worse off than you’. I used to say to myself that being my perfect weight was more important that having lots of friends, a great husband,  seeing the world, owning stuff, having a lovely home, car etc. Of course, when you’re young you want the world!

Someone quite close to me is incredibly wealthy. I remember hearing the story of him going into the Bentley showroom in London’s Park Lane to look at a car. He and his wife had been running and were wearing track suits and trainers. This was in the day where you really had to look the part for people to believe you could afford anything. The sales manager approached, looking down his nose, and begrudgingly showed them the car. He was extremely patronising, which reminds me of the sales assistant in Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts was looking for a dress in Rodeo Drive. When they said, I’ll have it, and took out their cheque book and paid on the spot, the car salesman was utterly shocked. I love that story as it shows you can never judge a book by its cover. As Julia Roberts said, ‘Big mistake…huge!’

On the other hand, in parts of London and Dubai, (where I met my husband), it seems like every other person has a Louis Vuitton handbag. It used to be quite rare, and if you were lucky enough to own one, people did a double take, especially at the airport. In fact it was assumed that you would be travelling First or Business class if you had one. Now, it seems like it is more likely for people to be in Economy. Nowadays, people with wealth try to look anonymous, yet get double takes. The more you wish to be invisible the more you will be noticed.

Does any of the above ring true for you? If so and you would like to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. Have you decided you want to take action and finally lose weight once and for all. My clients stand up in meetings and tell the room they have lost weight and continue to do so with a proven plan. Contact me for a free session to get thin and stay thin forever. Call 07702 779019.