Chocolate pancakes


3 tablespoons organic ground flaxseeds (grind in the coffee grinder until fluffy)

1 TBS Organic cacao powder or 1 TBS organic cocoa powder

1 TBS coconut oil (Tiana brand coconut butter is unscented) plus extra for greasing

1 egg (free range organic is recommended for high Omega 3 content)

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 TBS water

1-2 TBS Stevia (Truvia or supermarket own) or (Green) unprocessed stevia and honey


Mix together the ground flaxseeds, cocoa powder, baking powder and vanilla extract  in a bowl with a whisk. Add the melted coconut oil. Beat in the egg and add the water until blended.

Grease a ceramic frying pan with a little coconut butter. (Teflon pans have a negative reputation for toxicity, and ceramic pan are altogether healthier.)

Add the gooey chocolate mixture to the pan. Make sure the oil is not too hot or smoking. If it is, throw it away and start again. (Trans fats formation.) Wait until bubbles form. Use a silicon fried egg slice to ease the bottom away from the pan. Do not rush, or it may fall apart. Gently ease the pancake onto the slice and turn over. You can try to ‘flip’ it, but beware, it may fall apart! Cook on the other side for another 30 seconds to a minute until it feels stable. Remove from the pan and place onto a heated plate.

Toppings to enjoy it with include shaved organic cacao butter, (Microplane graters are excellent) sesame seeds, toasted slivered almonds, some more stevia for added sweetness, maple syrup, cacao nibs, shaved dark Lindt chocolate …the possibilities are vast.

Enjoy. They are very filling so you may only need half.