Listen to your hunger

It might sound really obvious, but when you are full up then stop eating. In today’s commercialised world we are bombarded with advertising messages with mostly unhealthy fast food and snacks. Our taste buds have a lot to answer for! (I remember when I was young and really overweight I used to wish I didn’t have taste buds as I blamed myself for my lack of self-control). Food companies spend a lot of money ensuring that their products contain the most alluring combinations of fats, sugars and salts to make them highly addictive. Sugar is known to cause our neurological pathways to change causing  addiction in the same way as cocaine.

One method of improving self control is by not having these unhealthy and even dangerous (trans fats are safe in zero quantities) food products in our homes. Crisps are not a healthy food because they contain oils that have been cooked at very high temperatures and contain hydrogenated or trans fats. These are damaging to our arteries – and cause internal cellular damage. Sugar is a big problem too. During a recent supermarket trip I couldn’t help but notice that those families with lots of fizzy drinks in their trolleys often had the largest waistlines, and overweight children.

If you are trying to lose weight, you do not want to feel deprived, (and my clients tell me that they do not feel deprived). However, some weeks the weight loss is static. My advice is to ensure that your plate contains at least half vegetables. Do a clever swap of a higher calorie and carb option of say pasta, potatoes or rice for starchy veggies. You will still feel satisfied, but naturally will eat significantly fewer calories.

If you slip up and occasionally need a treat, again, don’t fret. Life is unpredictable, and we can be put in to a situation where nothing else is available. Enjoy the treat and move on.

For a personalised plan, and if you would like to have a free session to discuss your weight problem, contact me at or 07702 779019

You will get results, and the time is now. If you don’t do anything, in six months or a year’s time you will be in exactly the same place. If you do, you will get a slimmer body and your health will improve.

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