What you need to do to lose weight for good

Hi and it’s great that you’ve decided to take control of your weight problem. Chances are you’ve tried diets before only for the weight to rebound and you feel disheartened. I understand, because that was me. Yes, I used to be overweight and I wasn’t happy about the situation. That was over 20 years ago, and I’m happy to say I lost 3 stone and have never regained it.

The good news is that there is a solution to your problem. I have devised a variety of packages to suit your needs.

In a very respectable period of time, (10 weeks), you can realistically expect to lose 10-20lbs, and more importantly you will keep it off.

You will need a one to one introductory 90 minute session where we go through your  dietary history and habits. You will be listened to and not judged. This will be followed up with a session where you will be presented with a personalised programme containing meal and menu plans, recommended food shopping lists, goal setting tips, activity recommendations, advice on how to deal with set-backs, and a recommended follow-up programme.

If you feel you can manage following the introductory programme alone, that is fine. However, studies have shown that it takes 66 days on average to develop a new habit or behaviour. And for the best results, having expert support is key. This is structured as a 10 week package.

Follow up sessions are very supportive and include weight and your body size measurements, weekly reviews, together with a nutrition topic for the week such as the importance of protein for effective weight loss, and why processed foods are damaging your health. You will learn of scientific studies that prove why the weight loss methods you are following actually work.


Contact me to discuss further or to arrange an appointment.

Thank you,



Mobile:07702 779019

Geographical area covered: Surrey, South West London & West Sussex only

For those outside this area, Skype appointments are also available

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